Which Companies Rank Best for Women? There’s an App for That


Amy-Willard Cross and Adrea Rudert are using consumer dollars to make change.

In a culture where women are making approximately 70 percent of the purchasing decisions — though those women still don't make as much money as their male counterparts — the time for such change is long overdue. 

With their new app, The BUY UP Index, Cross and Rudert are arming shoppers with intelligence. The app analyzes companies' public records and ranks them according to their commitment to gender equality. Using the app, shoppers can then search products and brands to decide who is most deserving of their hard-earned cash.

The BUY UP Index evaluates companies based on their number of female employees, the amount of women in leadership roles, their corporate citizenship, and their marketing content. Searchable company profiles in the app summarize the overall scores per company, even providing breakdowns of how they preformed within specific categories. 

By supporting companies that demonstrate a commitment to gender equality — and avoiding those that don't — informed consumers can make equality so economical, companies can't afford to ignore it.