7 Reasons Equal Pay by 2059 Is Ridiculous

2059 is a looong time to wait for an equal paycheck.

Today, women earn less than men. Across the board, women earned 21 cents less than men as of 2014. That was one penny more than they earned in 2013.

If the gender pay gap continues at this pace, it will take 44 years — or until 2059 — until women earn the same as men. That's more than FOUR DECADES! Here are seven reasons that's ridiculous:

1. College educated women will outnumber men almost 2-1…and they will still get paid less.

2. 30 million books will be digitized before women's paychecks catch up to men's for equal work. 

3. Women will live longer than men, but will still make less of a living.

4. Your clothes will clean themselves before women are paid as much as men for doing it. 

5. By 2045, scientists hope to upload the contents of human brains into computers — allowing people to live forever inside a robotic body, or even as a hologram. You just might want to program a Y chromosome in there if you want that higher wage, women... 

6. Americans will be more diverse, but women will still be paid less.

7. By the time we close the pay gap, we might be past our expiration date altogether, if this prediction is accurate. 

The time is now. #closethepaygap.